• 1 March 2021
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I am new to this - After I have uploaded a PowerPoint to Miro and shared my screen via a link invite, how can I get the shared screen to look like mine in terms of slide size and can I change it so that when I move to the next page so does the shared screen user.

I ultimately want to upload a powerpoint, share my screen and for both myself and my client to be able to annotate together without my client having to resize and scroll through.


Is this possible?


Thank you


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@Jane Ashfold -

Unfortunately not - someone can follow you which means they can passively observe what you are doing in Miro, but the moment they would annotate an object, they would revert to seeing objects based on their own current settings and not yours.

In general, if you are looking at a set of slides, each would be the same size, so once someone has zoomed to the appropriate level, they shouldn’t need to continually zoom in or out. The only thing you’d need to do is (over a voice call) sync with them on when each of you will (separately) move forward or backwards in the slide deck.