Performance issues

  • 17 March 2020
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Are there any known issues with Miro right now? The status page reports OK, but we had Miro crash with a canvas of ~30 boards, 6 screenshots (150k per screenshot) and maybe 15-20 concurrent users. The board would not render for any users and would either crash or not load/sync. 

3 replies

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@Dhaval Shah We are terribly sorry it happened during a client workshop and influenced your workflow. Reliability of our product is always our key priority. We do our best to avoid such issues in the future.

Thanks @Marina - it’s just unfortunate that it happened during a client workshop (which was a kick-off, no less). Please can you make sure your infra is scaling appropriately in the future - we’re not going to get many more chances to use the tool if we have a repeat of yesterday’s failures.


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Hi @Dhaval Shah

I’m sorry I’m a bit late with the reply, and you’ve probably received an update from the Status Page. There were some performance issues which have been successfully fixed.

Can you please confirm if everything works fine for you now?