New User Login Experience - How to get them straight to the board list vs. to the Templates page?

  • 7 April 2020
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Hi All,

Just starting to invite Day Pass users to a Team and we’re finding that when they log in, the first screen they get to is the “Pick a template” screen, if they X out of that, they are on a new Board of their own creation. I find this (as did our first Day Pass user) very disorienting. Is there a way for new users to come directly into the board list view? If not, how do others deal with it? Just include instructions to click out of the template, out of the board, and into the board you’d like them to join? (seems like 2-3 extra steps that virtually every new Day Pass user would need to take.


Also, can you invite Day Pass users just to a board, or do they have to be on a team (with access to all of the boards on that team)?


Thanks in advance,



3 replies

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Hi Michael,

A little update on, yes, you are able to avoid the Templates screen and the My First Board by inviting people to the team via the share button within a board (the #startview link above). It even gives me the option to add them to the team vs. just this board, which is great

However, when I do that, people are added as occasional users vs. full members (monthly pass), which is what I want: To avoid the Templates/My First Board on entry to new team members AND add them as full/monthly members. Seems like that should be doable. Any ideas?



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Hello David,

you can invite a client and set a start view for this new user:

Invitation to your board is described here:

If you scroll down you can find the heading:

Start view

If you use a start view a new user never will see the template stuff login.

Maybe this could help you.


I have just seen that you got your answer - so i was a bit to late but Kyle described it better than me:

So enjoy working with miro



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Any help for this? I’m bringing a potential client in in less than 2 hours and don’t want to have them need to navigate through closing unwanted/needed windows before getting where we want them to go! They have used Klaxoon, which has about the simplest, most direct new user entry experience I can imagine, so help here would be greatly appreciated.