Miro is not loading on Google chrome after installing Miro extension in Google Workspace

  • 9 September 2022
  • 7 replies

Hey, I have a problem regarding webpage loading on one of my company accounts on Google after installing Miro extension on Google Drive. On other Google accounts and on desktop app everything is working fine.

On company profile i see blank page after pressing “Go to dashboard” button on main page. Direct links to my dashboard are not working as well.

Any possible solutions?



7 replies

Can anyone share how we can delete cookie?

I have the same problem - any clues how to fix it?

I have this problem too. Can't load it on google chrome.

I have this problem too. Can't load it on google chrome.

The issue is connected to the Google Workspace Miro extension or the source of the problem is somewhere else? 

i have same problem

if clear cookies, after login and when i try create a new miro board from google drive, i have  a blank screen

i try reinstall

try another os browser etc

Deleting cookies and going through login again worked.

Closing thread.

HI, my Miro is not loading as well - pure blank page on all direct links to dashboards or even on Miro.com/app/. Using Chrome and work profile. Cleared my cache - doesn’t help, though on Incognito and other personal profiles everything’s fine.  Had to download the desktop app as a workaround. Any guidance how to fix web version are welcome!