Mindmapping issue

  • 22 August 2023
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Hello there; 👋🏻

I’ve recently created this Miro account, and I am thrilled to use it in the best way possible.😍

However, I am already struggling 🙄. I wanted to create a mindemapping titled: “ Recherche et developpement en entreprise” in english it would be “RESEARCH AND DEVELOPPMENT IN COMPANIES” but it is not working. Miro says : “An error has occurred”.❌

I don’t know how to fix this!!!!!! 

Please, if someone has faced this before, tell me where the problem could be and how to fix it ?


I truly appreciate your help.  


1 reply

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@Assia Ben - I am able to create a new mind root node with the text “Recherche et developpement en entreprise”.


Can you share

  • what OS you are using
  • what browser you are using (or are you using the Miro desktop app)
  • a screen recoding of the steps you are taking - Loom is free and quite easy to use and share a video by a link.