Is Miro usable as a webinar platform?

  • 16 July 2020
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I’m a teacher

I like the the way I can organize my space on micro. A lot. 

I want to broadcast my webcam and my voice to many students at the same time…. and give them the ability to see the board, my face, hear me and leave comments. No editing.

Is it possible on Miro or the video chat function won’t work this way? What payment plan will it be? What is I want to broadcast to more people, 100 of them - should I better just open my Miro board, film the screen with another app, stick on my face and use a different platform. I mean, to use Miro as a background.

I understand, the main idea of the platform is collaboration, but still…


3 replies

Kiron, Kyle, thank you very much for your answers!

I will watch the video and study those platforms more thoroughly
Initially, I thought about youtube streaming and bandicam, but it was to be tested as well


Thank you :grinning:

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Hey @CherryEnglish 

I suggest using Zoom or Google Meet. Both platforms are easy to share screens and keep the presenters video on screen as a thumbnail. Both are also free.

Check out the latest Miro User Group video, it’s a great example to answer your question. The team uses Zoom in addition to following along in the Miro board. In the beginning there is a brief explanation of how they use it. I bet you can get a good idea of how you would implement the uses for your needs :slight_smile:


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@CherryEnglish -

For the number of students you are looking to share with, I’d suggest using Miro in conjunction with Zoom, WebEx or some other type of video conferencing solution.