iPad - Only one Blue Dot on all shapes?

  • 10 February 2022
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Never Mind: Looks like I can add lines by clicking the arrow tool and add them to any parts of the shape and they will connect. :thumbsup:


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Hello, I have just started using Miro, its just what I was looking for and I love all the templates :heart_eyes: but as I am following along through the tutorials I have noticed something different in the iPad version and I am not sure if it is a bug. 

ISSUE: When you click a shape, according to the tutorial you can click a blue dot to link it to another shape and in the tutorial the shapes have blue dots on every side to allow for multiple connections. On the iPad however there is only one blue dot at the bottom of the shapes. Thats it, so I can only connect to another shape from that one starting point which is a bit problematic. Is this intentional? 


2 replies

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Great you figured it out, @Luna :raised_hands_tone2: Thank you for updating your original message.

The solution doesn’t actually connect the line to the shapes. It will help you align and act like it’s connected but it’s not

I have a board that i created on desktop and I can make connections to flow diagram shapes on all sides but I can’t make ONE connection with the iPad app.  I also can’t edit the text in a shape AFTER initially placing it.  I can edit when I place it, but if I mess up inadvertently tap anywhere else I can’t edit the text.  So for diagrams I’m stuck on desktop.  

if you can do one blue dot, surely you can do all of them like the desktop version and make the text editable.  That would be very high on my roadmap:)


other than that, I love Miro.  LOVE.


Thanks for your help, John