How to show my cursor to users on the board

  • 7 May 2020
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When I discuss something with my students, I need something like a pointer - to point on what I am talking about. It would be useful if they could see my cursor (and better - without my name under it). Is there a way to do it with Miro?

5 replies

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This idea might be relevant here -
You are welcome to add your comments there and upvote :relaxed:


It would like to have something like a marker that can draw on the dashboard and disappear after some time (eg. 3 seconds) only to point the place on the diagram for the while. It could be helpful while presenting something/discussing diagrams and wants to show the actually discussed flow.

A similar solution could be allowing free drawing (like a pen) on the dashboard after clicking some button to activate it. After deactivation, the changes made by free drawing disappear/lost. Of course, the changes while free drawing should be visible to the others.

Great app!

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I think I’m looking for something similar. I would love to be able to customize my cursor to make it bigger. 

Especially when I’m drawing. For example, if it could be a cursor shaped like a hand (or another icon) and make it bigger as needed. 

I feel like when I do whiteboard videos they can be hard to follow where I’m drawing. 

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Hi @Julia Kopitina 

Another workaround is to share your screen using your video conferencing tool of choice (Zooms, Teams, Webex, Meet, etc.) In this way, your students can see your cursor and where you click on Miro tool bars, etc.

I find myself defaulting to this when I need learners to know how I use Miro boards and what actions I take to get a certain outcome.

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@Julia Kopitina -

If you are in a “teach” mode vs a “facilitate” mode, why not use Miro’s screen sharing capability so that they will observe your instruction and then when it is time for them to collaborate, you would turn off screen sharing?