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  • 4 August 2020
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Hi. I am on an education plan. Part of my responsibilities as an ombuds for my university is to conduct mediations remotely. I would like to invite mediation participants to be team members (at least temporarily) but I cannot add them if their identities will be revealed to unaffiliated people in my overall team.

Is there a way to shield the identity of certain team members while still allowing them to participate fully on certain boards?



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@Mark Patterson Seeing as you used the wording “participate fully, I will assume that these users whom you wish to remain anonymous will need to edit the board in some way. Because the Education Plan supports Guest Editors, you could do the following:

  1. From the board’s Share settings, enable Anyone with the link Can edit 

    Note: This is, of course, where you need to exercise caution in how you share this URL as anyone with the URL will be able to edit the board.

  2. Send the URL to those whom should remain completely anonymous during your mediation session.
  3. **Most importantly for these individuals to remain anonymous** Instruct them to copy-and-paste this URL into a browser session to which they are not logged into a Miro account! If they do use the URL from a browser session they are signed into a Miro account, chances are good that it will show their name beside their cursor. They should sign out of any Miro accounts they may have and then paste in the URL. Most modern browsers support an Incognito/Private browsing mode - using this mode is probably the best course of action. Here is a link to finding the private browsing mode for most browsers.

As the facilitator of the session, I would also suggest that, once everyone states they are in the board and ready, you show all Collaborator’s cursors and ensure that you don’t see any names you are not expecting to see.


Absolutely brilliant @Rob Johnson. You didn’t just help find an answer quickly-- you thought of related concerns and addressed them too… with graphics! You ever think about becoming an ombuds? ;-)

Now I just need to help my participants feel comfortable. :-)


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Glad to have helped, @Mark Patterson! And thanks for the thoughtful feedback :blush:

Me? An ombudsman? Hmmm. I guess I do like resolving conflicts, negotiating with others, getting Information, etc. This is also very timely as I am right in the middle of career introspection, so I’ll add Ombudsman to my list!

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Not sure if this has been released to the public yet but you will be able to set a password for public board links which will add a layer of security to sharing it anonymously. 



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Thanks for sharing, @andyvdg.

Coincidentally, I was on a phone call with Mark when I suddenly noticed this feature show up on my Consultant Plan account. I added a password to a board and shared it with Mark and we tested it out. I did noticed two potential bugs: 1. When I tried to paste a password in from my clipboard, it was pasted into the board behind the sharing modal and 2. Once the Guest User authenticated with the password and was in the board, I couldn't see their cursor, even though Show collaborators' cursors was on. Both of those issues could have been on my end. 

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@Rob Johnson I can confirm the copy paste issue - if you don’t notice now you have a password pasted to your board somewhere. Might want to look at that @Marina.

I tried with 1Password and that works fine - it will generate a passcode and put it in the correct field. 

I tested in an incognito window and I can’t see the cursor if the board is not shared in Edit mode. When I do enable edit on guest link the cursor shows up fine for me. 

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Thanks for confirming the pasting bug, @andyvdg. And thanks for testing out the cursor behaviour. It makes sense now that one would only see the Guest Editor’s cursor when they are just that, an editor, and not in just Comment or View mode.

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Thanks for mentioning me here, @andyvdg :slight_smile:

I’ve already created a support ticket from Rob’s message. Hopefully, the team can resolve the issue soon!