Frameception: Copying a parent frame that contains other frames

  • 24 November 2022
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I do not think this is a bug, however for my use case it makes things a little more tricky. 

Goal: To copy and paste a frame, which contains textboxes, other frames and images. 

Steps to recreate: 

  1. Set up a parent frame. Add a textbox and frame (the child frame) inside.
  2. Copy the parent frame. 

What I want: Everything within the parent frame to be copied and pasted, include the “child” frame. 

Actual Result: Any “child” frame inside the parent is not copied, but all other content (images, textboxes, icons, etc.) is. 

The current workaround I have found is to just click and drag to select the entire parent frame, which will select everything (include the child frame) within it, copy and paste that. 
Does anyone have any suggestions on a different way to do this? I’m using “child” frames because I need the content inside of it to be modular (i.e. at times I need to just copy the child frame and everything inside - much easier with 1-click and copy vs. selecting everything within it).

See video of above actions here.

1 reply

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Hey @Matthew Bennett 
I’m afraid that we don’t have the functionality you are looking for. So could you please add your use case to this feature request: Nested Frames? Thank you!