Forced portrait mode bug fix for android app

  • 20 August 2021
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Hi everyone, want to check that it isn't just me who found this issue with the android tablet app version of Miro.

In summary, the app does not detect current system rotation state and forces portait mode in locked landscape mode. To get it back into landscape I have to unlock rotation then it will go to landscape.

Details here: it starts in landscape mode just fine in tablet mode as long as orientation is not locked. I believe because the app automatically starts into portrait mode and then senses the command to rotate. However, for users like me who dislike auto rotation, I keep my tablet locked in landscape mode all the time, and while it works perfectly in Samsung DeX mode (i.e. landscape), in tablet mode it will actually open in portrait mode and not register my system state of locked landscape. To get the app to rotate then, I have to unlock my screen rotation, then turn my tablet once to portrait then back to landscape to trigger the rotation.

While this is a relatively minor gripe and nothing that can't be worked around on the user end, I would be immensely grateful if a fix for this can be done. I won't make assumptions about how easy or simple a fix like this is, but I hope the team considers tackling this issue.Β 

Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi @Justin LiΒ !


Thanks for flagging this behaviour, currently the app locks to portrait when the auto-rotation is disabled. Our developers have indentified this as a bug and are working on a fix. I’m afraid we are unable to share any fix release ETA at this stage, but I will convert your post into a support ticket so that we can get back to you via email once it’s resolved, so please bear with us !