Education Plan Voting and Timer Features

  • 9 February 2024
  • 2 replies

Hello all! I have a new education plan, and I read on the website that this plan includes the voting and timer features. However, when I try to use them it says I need to upgrade. Can anyone help me figure this out?

2 replies

Thank you so much! You were correct and your first suggestion on the teams solved it for me. 

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@Amber Heck - Yes, the Timer and Voting apps should be available in the Education Plan (I just checked my spouse’s Education Plan and they are).

Two questions:


It is also worth noting here that there are several scenarios where an existing Free Plan team will not be upgraded to an Education Plan team, e.g., you are not the sole Team Admin of an existing Free Plan team. Instead, Miro will create a new team where you will be the sole Team Admin (note: the Education Plan only allows for one Team Admin).

To check for a new Education Plan team, go into the Team Profile settings for any of the teams you are a member of:

All teams are on the left side of your dashboard:


Then go into the Team Profile settings:


And from here you can

  1. see the plan type
  2. other team members
  3. cycle through other team space profile settings


If a new team space was created for you, you will need to

  1. Move boards to this new space
  2. Add team members: