Content of board disappeared after clicking 'save and exit'

  • 25 May 2020
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After clicking ‘save and exit’ all the content of my board disappeared.

The board is now named ‘untitled’.

Ctrl z did not work

It is not in my trash. 


I see various people had similar problems. I mailed miro but would need an answer soon. Does anybody know about a solution for this? 




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Hi there,

If you clicked Save and exit, it means you created a custom template. Please open any board in this team, go to Templates and find Custom Templates folder. Your template should be there.

Just in case, here is the article on templates, there is a paragraph about custom templates and where to find them.

Hope that helps!

wow, that is really poor design.

Your answer was helpful but it wasn’t clear when I built the template that it wasn’t part of a new project. I feel like that should be more obvious. 

I agree. Incredibly poor design. I just spent 20 minutes trolling the web trying to solve this solution. My saved work wasn’t on a template. It was in another category. I was able to save as a template and retrieve but this really should be easy and obvious as it’s a key part of first steps. Further, it’s not clear how secure my board is given that this is from my university. In general, these online colab formats need to be much more intuitive and much better.