Confusion on whether I need seats or licenses, or both?

  • 15 July 2020
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My firm recently purchased 2 Consultant Plan licenses for 2 consultants who will be using Miro on the same client.  I thought that one of them could easily create a team for the client, and then invite the other user as a Team Admin, and then use day passes or anonymous editors as needed for client stakeholders.

However, after creating the team, we had to purchase a ‘seat’ at an additional $15 so that the other license could join it. 

Is this how Miro works or did we set up the accounts incorrectly?  I'm confused why the two licenses can’t join a team together without the need for purchasing these seats at an additional cost. 



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3 replies

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Hi @Evan T,


This is one part of Miro that I see a lot of struggle on. The proper way to set this up is to create 1 Consultant Plan License, then add the 2 consultants to that plan. Once the plan is created, you can create as many teams as you like for as many clients as you like, but you will either have to add seats for your clients, grant them day passes, or allow them access as anonymous editors.


I have many colleagues I work with who have their own Miro Licenses, but when I invite them to collaborate, I need to pay for a seat. The Anonymous contributor feature certainly saves some money there.

The good news is that the Miro support team will take care of you for this error and refund you the money for the second license. Hope that helps!



@Jonathan White thanks, that is very helpful!

Just to make sure I understand, you’re saying when creating a license that I should select “2 Members” (or whatever team size is needed), and then I can invite the other user to that team? If so, do the seats effectively act as additional licenses?


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Yes @Evan T, that is correct! You can always add more seats later, or remove certain users in a seat and replace that seat with another user in the future.