Cluster as a voting filter

  • 2 February 2023
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Would be great:  Making Cluster one of the artifacts available for vote filtering.

Would be really, really, great: Users do not vote for individual items within a cluster, they vote for the cluster itself.

3 replies

Please!!! I have the same problem in every sprint retrospective


Hi, i will join here. During retrospective the team combines the stickers under clusters (like duplicates or stickers with one topic), then during voting they can not cvote for the cluster. Only for a each sticker under cluster. Thans why I as facilitator need to create additional empty sticker in each sluster and inform all the team, that this empty sticker will represent the whole cluster, please vote only for it, not for other stickers insite this cluster, otherwise the sum of dot voting will be calculated wrong.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out and for submitting your idea!

Thinking about a user flow for the feature you suggest, would the assumption below be a correct interpretation?

  1. Use the Clusterizer app to automatically sort items on the board and create thematic clusters.
  2. Enable user voting for the clusters.

When you mention users: what type of user do you have in mind for this feature?

I submitted your idea as a feature request.




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