Azure cards - state not updated

We are seeing an issue that Azure cards created on miro board using the plugin are NOT updated. The state changes on the different issue types (Feature, Story, Bug, etc.) does not reflect on the cards. We every time have to remove and recreate the card which is not feasible with many cards on the board.


Hope miro team can provide us some solution regarding this issue.

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We are experiencing the same issue. Making adjustments on Azure does not cause the items to change in Miro. Interestingly enough, if you go to the edit mode, you can see the actual card is out of sync (so it’s possible to view the discrepancy in edit more). However, in edit mode, you cannot ‘force’ a sync without adjusting something from Miro (as it then claims nothing was adjusted; so it seems it checks this info only towards Azure, and does not notice the card’s information is not correct anymore).

Experiencing the same. Shows the correct state when I expand the card.