Article: How to find (and hopefully recover) a "lost" or "missing" board

  • 7 April 2023
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After responding to a number of posts over the years related to “missing boards” or “I am the owner of the board but am being asked to request access to it”, I decided to put together this post in order to share it with future posters

NOTE: This post is a work-in-progress!


Searching for the board link

If you are having trouble finding a link to the board after you have already accessed it, you could try searching your browser history for: [NAME OF BOARD]”.

If you cannot find the link there, or you can but cannot access the board, continue reading.


Let’s start with the most common scenario:

You created the board in someone else’s Free Plan team and and then someone removed you from that team

A common scenario here is that someone with a Free Plan team invited you to edit a board in their team. Because only team members can edit a board in a Free Plan team, you then because a team member. What usually ends up happening is:

  1. You created a new board in this over person’s Free Plan team.
  2. A member of that team – with the role of Team Admin – saw that someone(s) were creating boards in this team, therefore using up the 3-editable boards maximum and deleted you from the team.
  3. When you were deleted from the team, two things happened:
    1. The person who deleted you either chose a new owner of all boards that you created while you were or a member of the team OR they chose to delete them.
    2. The next time you opened Miro, it detected that your account profile was no longer a member of any teams and prompted you to create a new Free Plan.

Recovering the the board you created

The only way you are going to recover this board, even if you have the link, is by a member of the team where the board still resides to take one of a number of actions:

  1. Add you back to the team and transfer ownership of the board to you – since they deleted you, this is not a likely option.
  2. (and the the simpler option) Find the board and
    1. set the board’s Visitors access to Anyone with the link → Cab view 
    2. send you a link to the board
    3. And then you copy the board to your new account by opening it, clicking on the board title/name, and then using the Duplicate action button.

Finding out which team you were previously on

Before you can do any of the above steps, you need to find out which team you used to be on. If you know someone else on that team, reach out to them and explain what has happened and that you need either the owner of the team or any experienced team member (preferably who has the Team Admin role on that team) to help you – for context/instructions, you could even share this post with them.

If you don’t recall how you because a member of this team, try searching your emails for things like:

  • has invited you to edit on a board in Miro ← this is the text that is received when someone invites you to a board in a Free Plan team

Other things to check

Make sure

  1. You are on the correct workspace dashboard
  2. You are viewing boards in that space
  3. your dashboard view is set to view all boards


Best of luck!

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