Activating BETA features

  • 10 December 2021
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Where can I see if the beta functions can be activated for my browser / desktop Miro versions?

Via the menu item Help I get the info 0.70 ...


20 replies



Also looking to get on the beta. I would like to be added to miro beta group for the talktrack

Thank you

Same here. would also like to try out the Talk Track. Can you pls activate for my account?



Hi there! I am also trying to use Miro for presentations (to my studends). So, it would be great if I could use the Beta feature called TalkTrack. Could you get it activated for my account?

Thanks in advance, Roman 

Hello @Yadira 


Also looking to get on the beta so I can use TalkTrack


Thank you



I am also trying to use Miro for repetitive presentations (to the board and other teams): would be great if I could use the Beta feature called TalkTrack: could you get it activated for my account?

Thanks in advance,


I would like to be added to miro beta group for the talktrack feature of miro

Hello! Please activate the Miro Talktrack for my account as well.

Thank you!

Hi there,

I have been in touch with Manouska who invited me to the Beta TalkTrack but it blocks me from opening the invite. Could you check for me please? My email is 

Thank you


Could you please activate the Talktrack feature for me as well? I’m a consultant, so I do lots of Async communication. This would really help my practice!



I would like to add on to this, I have discovered the Recording feature, and it would be so useful in my classes. However, when I try to use it, I am informed that it is only for Beta Users, any chance I can be beta too? 


I am trying to use Talktrack but apparently i can’t use Beta features

This feature is important for us. Can I get it activated it please?





Hi Mark,

I would be happy to help!

Please provide your profile email so we can investigate further.:mag_right:


Best regards,





@Yadira how do we get access to the beta features? I’m on some boards where clustering is showing, some where it’s not. I’d love to have access at my user level. ;) Mark

Hi there!

Thank you so much for following up and letting us know!

You are very welcome! I am happy to hear that the feature has been received well by your students. :blush:


Happy Holidays! :tada:  



Thank you for your efforts before Christmas. The beta feature has been well received by students and has positively influenced the discussion of how pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and memorized solution paths work.

Why Coke, Xmas and the color red have a relationship we leave it like that. Similar to Apple and Stone 😉

Hi there!

I have good news! Clustering has been enabled in your profile [EMAIL REMOVED] edu account and in [EMAIL REMOVED] consultant account. Please confirm that it appears to be working on your end. 

To start the clustering journey, click the clustering app icon on the bottom toolbar.


For more handy information check out this article


Once again I appreciate your patience! :sunflower:

Hi there!

No worries! I understood your reply. I am having my team currently look into your accounts about getting you set up.:flashlight:

I apologize for the delay! I will notify you if any other steps are necessary on your end and follow up with the progress!


Thank you for your patience! :turtle:


… I do my best proofreading after I hit send … it should mean my second account is a paid account

Hi Yadira,

thank you for your quick response. In teaching the Digital Technologies course I use the Education Plan via in combination with a Microsoft Sign On. The second paid plan belongs to, It would be great if my students can practice with your AI Sticky Note feature during the next week.

Let me know if there are any ambiguities.

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out! At this time certain functions are available to specific user plans. May I ask what function are you interested in having and under which plan? Once I have this information I can look further into the details of getting set up on your end! 

I look forward to your reply! :slight_smile: