A Year of Remote Work: A new research report from Miro

  • 9 March 2021
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Today, Miro released our new report, “A Year of Remote Work,” in which we surveyed 1,000 remote workers to see how remote work has affected their personal lives, professional lives, and mental health. 


Among our findings: 

  • Nearly half (49%) of people who are married or in live-in partnerships say that working from home has improved their relationship with their spouse or partner.
  • 62% of parents with children under 18 say that working from home has improved their relationships with their kids.
  • 57% of remote workers say they are more likely to multitask during virtual meetings than they were before the pandemic.
  • One-third of knowledge workers (33%) are awake for less than 20 minutes before they begin work in the morning.

I’m interested in hearing from Miro users whether these (or any other findings in the report) resonate. Any thoughts?


3 replies

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Hi @Brad Sanzenbacher 


Thanks for sharing the report.


I can relate to that answers. The Remote Work is beneficial for both sides (employe and company). Hope this stays for a long time.

In many fields, remote work culture is already there. This technology, known as telepresence, goes a long ways beyond an easy communications and pixel pushing. 

A broad term, telepresence incorporates any technology that permits an individual to interact with a different place as though they were there, regardless of whether controlling robots or drones remotely, or holding virtual meetings with them, employees in the field. The consequence is that many jobs, including vendor and field engineer, that appeared beyond the reach of remote work, are expected to be solidly settled in the remote work circle throughout the next 10 years.