What's New at Miro March 2023

  • 7 March 2023
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What's New at Miro March 2023
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Ready to see what's new for you at Miro?


Come join our product team on March 8th for our Miro’s What's New product showcase webinar, featuring an in-depth view of our most recent releases. You’ll get to see our top product innovations of the past quarter, straight from our product marketing team. They’ll also present live demos and end the session with a Q&A.


Hear from our Product Marketing Team about:

  • Interactive Presentations: Go beyond the same old presentation tools by letting your audience follow and interact with you as you share ideas.

  • Cluster by Keyword: Make faster decisions by analyzing input and identifying similarities in the text of Sticky Notes, clustering them together under keyword titles, giving you a great starting point in your analyses.
  • Product Dev Workflows: With Code Block, you can write and collaborate on code directly within a Miro board.

  • And much more — you'll have to join us to see!


Connect with our Community + Win Prizes 


We’ll be showcasing new Miro product features and would love your feedback and creative ideas! Join us here in the Community Forum during and after the showcase to share feedback, wish list features, and a fun challenge where winners will win swag from our new Miro Shop. We can’t wait to see you! 


4 replies

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This is today, March 8, isn’t it? Says March 1.

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This is today, March 8, isn’t it? Says March 1.

Hi Robert! Yes, you are correct thanks for the catch! this has been updated 

Hi @Manouska 

I’d love to attend more of these webinars - I use Miro almost daily with the teams I’m helping and enjoy trying out new features :)

However, timezone differences make it difficult to schedule time to see the live webinar (I know you give two choice: one is right in the middle of my working-day when I’m booked with meetings that I can’t get out of, and the second is 2am my time and I’m not able to focus on anything by that time haha)

Are these meetings recorded and uploaded onto a popular video-sharing platform or somewhere in miro.com?  I checked the Miro YouTube account just now and they don’t seem to be there…

I’d love to attend the live webinar, but can’t :(

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Hi there!

Question: I’ve now signed up for the On Demand version of this webinar (thanks for that), and wondered if it’s possible to get on the list to try out the new AI-Beta when it’s available?  Please let me know; I’m on an education account. 

Also, where is the best link (a full calendar) for Miro events? If I had known about this webinar, I would have attended live. For some reason, I haven’t been getting any emails about new Miro events, even though I have my settings so that I will receive. 

Thanks in advance! Anne