✨ Distributed 2021 Day 1 recordings and resources

  • 27 October 2021
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✨ Distributed 2021 Day 1 recordings and resources
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Hello, hello!

Well, that was fun. Like, really, really fun. Thanks to the thousands of Miro heroes that joined us on the path to reconnection at the world’s largest 3ish-day global workshop! 

If you couldn’t make it or are curious about what you might’ve missed (or you were there but are itching for more!), we’ve gathered recordings, Miroverse templates, and a bundle of resources for each main stage Day 1 session to support your continued journey. Let’s go...

*Day 2 recordings are listed here

Link to the full playlist (make sure to subscribe!) 


What did you hear/learn/experience? Do you have questions, thoughts, ideas? We’d love to hear from you in this thread so we can make experiences like this even better for you. 


Keynote - Community & The Future

 :projector: Recording: https://youtu.be/0ReU8EHZTGQ

In the opening keynote, CEO Andrey Khusid and CPO Varun Parmar shared how Miro has become more human — a place where everyone can connect and solve all kinds of problems from a blank canvas. They showcase new features for improved meetings experience and diagramming, see the feature launches below

Additional resources: 


Panel: How Team Leaders Are Reimagining Workflows That Win With Miro

 :projector: Recording: https://youtu.be/0gomZ_CiOSA 

In this session, leaders from Zendesk, BaseHQ, and True Diversity explained how they are using Miro to visualize their process and connect their teams to create a single workflow. Together we find new strategies for overcoming the most common challenges teams have while working in remote and hybrid environments.

Additional resources: 


Fireside Chat: Do meetings need a rebrand?

Jake Knapp on designing meetings that leave attendees energized 

:projector:Recording: https://youtu.be/v2oKqPpnqko

Jake Knapp, author of Sprint and inventor of eponymous methodology, shares his proven approach to running effective meetings that spark participation. Jake and Marina Yancheva of SoftServe discuss common challenges meeting facilitators encounter and offer solutions to overcome these challenges, plus share advice on how to unlock innovation through co-creation.

Miroverse Template: 11-Step Basic All-Purpose Meeting Map

Additional resources:


Lightning Round: Does Miro use Miro? You bet we do - and we want to show you how 

:projector:Recording: https://youtu.be/XBogOWR1N24 

In this session, Miro CMO Paul D’Arcy talked with other Miro leaders about how our own product helps our team scale operations and culture to support customers, onboard talent, and make the digital workplace fun and engaging. Join this session to learn how to use Miro for Agile ceremonies, design & research, and product marketing alignment.

Additional resources: 


Fireside Chat: Where do good ideas come from? Finding a creative spark at any distance  


How can teams be creative at any distance? Is it possible to recapture that lightning-in-a-bottle feeling of being in the same room? Lance Weiler is the Director of the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University, and in this session he explores creativity at any distance and shares his experience using Miro to create mixed-media collaborations that have been featured at events like Tribeca Film Festival, the Portland Art Museum, and Moz Fest.

Additional resources: 


Fireside Chat: Does remote work stall careers? Uncovering personal growth strategies for remote and hybrid workers

:projector: Recording: https://youtu.be/YGNQFb0CAPY 

In this session, Colleen Curtis, Head of Community at Miro, and Melissa S. Jackson, Head of Program Management at The New Yorker, explore the challenge of growing professionally in a remote environment and discuss solutions for remote workers to take control of their careers.

Additional resources: 


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What made your Distributed 2021 experience special? Which boards and resources do you find the most useful? We couldn't have made this event as great as it was without you, so feel free to drop your highlights, favorite board, and takeaways from Distributed in this thread!


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Fireside Chat: Where do good ideas come from? Finding a creative spark at any distance  

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