Building Blocks of Brand- share your brand story! 🙌

  • 21 March 2022
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Hi all :wave: ,

@Joe Caplin from Outfly is continuing the series of Miro masterclasses on how to build a brand. The new workshop ‘Starting With Why’ will help you to define the vision of your company — an essential part of building a strong team and brand. Unify your vision, clarify your message, create something strong. :muscle:

 For this session, Outfly would like to take a real life use case, so you have a chance to have a small workshop around YOUR brand! :tada:

Please drop your brand story and ideas/questions in the comments, and we will soon choose one. :grinning:


1 reply


Hi gang, Joe here! 

Thanks. Helena for the post, and yes - if you’d like to volunteer to have our free vision workshop based on your mission, comment here and we’ll get in touch!