AMA with John Cutler: Submit your questions here!

  • 1 June 2022
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Hi Miro Heroes,


Next week, we are hosting an event with Amplitude’s Product Evangelist and Miroverse Creator John Cutler (you can RSVP here!). 


In 2021, John ran over 140 Miro workshops for 1500+ people all around the world to help them become more aligned and make their work more impactful. During the event, he will share his Miro use cases, and attendees’ questions.


To make our experience more seamless, we are sourcing questions before the event. 


Please, share your questions about using Miro, product management, and collaborating to make sense of new problems in this thread and upvote other members’ questions that you like! 


John will answer top 10 most upvoted questions during the event! 

4 replies

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You can find the recording and resources here:

How do you tackle the load / complexity that happens when boards grow and grow with content? (even more a problem if multiple people work on a shared board) - do you have strategies to cope with that? To reduce complexity, or keep a structure / overview over time?

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What is the single most important thing to consider when communicating around a complex topic or initiative? How do you help people do this? 

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I’ll start! Are there any common challenges that hybrid teams are facing after the pandemic? Can you please name the challenges and the most effective ways to address them?