Export comments to excel or post-its

  • 3 February 2021
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I would love the ability to export comments to excel or post-its.  I use the feature to capture pain points & opportunities layered on top of a current state map.  Later I go through a laborious routine to copy & paste these comments into excel so I can paste them back into the board as post-its to conduct another activity.  I realize I can use post-its to capture these and this laborious process would be eliminated but I like the comment feature for other reasons.  Please help miro by making this comment feature exportable to excel and as post-its.



3 replies

I just stumbled upon this “wish” while looking for a similar solution:
It would be nice to export comments into a project management like tool and workflow (trello, asana, jira, notion...) or even better have a direct connection between this. I like to use markers in diagrams or images on miro like Zach for a more graphical project and task management. would be awesome if I could eighter use the comments and export them into a list /project management tool OR use a 3rd party plugin from a saas project management tool

Oh my gosh...I had no idea comments weren’t included in the export. This seems more like a bug than a feature request.  I will up vote this for sure. 


Exporting comments as a CSV Would be a great feature so that we can see all of the feedback we received.