Move the canvas remotely

I have a question. I do Quick sign-in to Miro on interactive displays, from a smartphone. Works well.

Can I move the canvas (with the objects shown on it) on my smartphone to reflect it on the interactive display? I can write and draw on my smartphone, it shows up right away on the big screen (and vice versa), but I also want to change the insert position (change the insertion position) and here too I would like to update the display.

I know there are frames, but it's a bit of a hassle

Hey @Dariusz?name=inlineImage.gif!

Happy to help here¬†ūüėä

I'm afraid it is not yet possible to move the canvas on a phone for it to be reflected on the interactive display.

I have converted your post into a WishList idea so that other community members can upvote it and share their use cases in the thread. This will help us collect all the feedback in one place and make sure it is reviewed by our product teams. 

Hope it helps!