startup workshop
Wed, Mar 9, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC)

Startup Ideation Webinar

About this event

Unlocking creativity can be a daunting task; many of us might think we are not creative enough or that we are not the idea machines we are. What if you could unlock creativity through a simple process?

The Startup Ideation Workshop is a fun activity you can run with your teams to look for solutions or apply them in different contexts. We will use this Miroverse template during the workshop.

This workshop was designed to spark creativity and curiosity. You will follow the ideation process of divergent and convergent thinking with a twist of fun. The objective is to show you the power of making unconventional connections.


Here is what we'll do together: 

- Crowdsource ideas for startups.

- Breakout into teams and run an ideation session. 

- Develop a creative business model and product. 

- Invest in each other's ideas (not real money, of course) 

This workshop is a fun activity to get familiar with an ideation methodology and practice creative thinking; by the end, you will be able to replicate this process in other settings and become ideation machines. 

Here is what you will take away from this:

- Practising creative thinking.

- Learning how to use the Crazy 8's methodology.

- Making a quick product pitch. 

- Practising pitching skills. 


The workshop is highly interactive and you will be expected to participate

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Wed, Mar 9, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC)