When a wish is intergated in backlog, there is a "mark" in the wish post

  • 4 December 2021
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We  have tons of wish and idea, but no  feedback about the place they have in your backlogs.

I would be great to be informed(*) when the wish / idea is

  • read by community manager
  • read by product owner
  • read by UX
  • use to create a backlog item
  • use to achieve a backlog item
  • the progress of the backlog item
  • the backlog item is open to challenged by the community

    (*) by an explicit marker in the original post.

2 replies

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This makes a lot of sense and deserves more visibility!


I think it would also be useful to know if an idea is explicitly not on the roadmap. On Lego Ideas, for example, if something exceeds a certain number of votes it will be reviewed and feedback provided. There should be a way to archive a wish if it’s not likely to happen. Otherwise threads continue to grow, and users can develop unrealistic expectations.

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A simple way is 2 tags in each posts.

  • One to identify the item in backlog
  • One for the status of the item in backlog.