We need a straight line tool

  • 22 May 2020
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As an architect I desperately need a straight line tool. The current line tool is snaping to everything and resets to selection after each use.

What I want is just an old good point to point line. It should work exactly the same way as a Pen tool and can even be an option for a Pen tool along with eraser.

4 replies

As a faculty member, especially for economics, I need simple tools to draw graphs.  Snapping an x and y axis is a nice feature, but just the basic line feature would help.  The smart drawing doesn’t seem intuitive.  Sometimes it gives me a straight line; sometimes not so much.  Could not find any tutorials on this, either.  Maybe it exists and we just don’t know the secret to using it.

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@Jim Vernon -

Here are a couple of tips on the line capability which might help: 

This is from the help center for this feature:


Thanks, Kiron!  It’s getting easier :)

The best hack that I have found is to make the line outside of any frame, holding shift. As long as there’s no nearby objects for it to snap to, it is a lot easier to get a straight line!