Visual treatment for when connector lines overlap and need to "hop"

  • 9 October 2020
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Would be great if overlapping connector lines could “hop” when they intersect.

See attached screenshot from Omnigraffle. Obviously it doesn’t need to be as robust, but it needs something so lines don’t get confusing.


5 replies



As a Miro user, when connecting shapes using connectors (e.g. lines/arrows/etc.) which overlap, I should be able to select an option for jumps/hops for the associated connectors as per the illustration above.

Note that the connector that is highest in the z-index (the connector “on top”) should be the one to receive the hop/jump automatically (that way, hops/jumps will not go “under” but instead always hop/jump “over”).

MVP should be a simple rounded jump/hop, with subsequent iterations of the feature offering different kinds of jump/hop styles.



FYI: This feature is available in competing software platforms such as Micorsoft Visio, Lucidchart, and more. Miro needs this feature to remain competitive within the marketplace.

Being forced to use workarounds by drawing overlapping filled shapes and manually placing them on top of any intersections, yey - so 2021 -, and only working combined with fill color (in this case white)




Man, I’d kill for this functionality in Miro.  If I could click on the intersection point of two lines and specify a jump/hop styling, or a flat (merging) dot styling, that’d be epic.  Drawing flowcharts and high-level electronic schematics with Miro would be a breeze with a feature like this.  

Kind of a redundant comment, but I employed @Steffen Tronstad ‘s solution today with the offset circle shapes, one in background one in foreground and grouped them to indicate a visual not-connected (jump) and it reminded me of this workaround.  It works, but it’s so hacky.  

→ To the Miro product owners, please get this into your product feature backlog and seriously consider it as an improvement, at least in the next six months.  It would be pretty awesome and make Miro even more of contender in the diagramming space.