View boards/templates owned by member I'm about to delete

  • 10 August 2021
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When a team member is deleted and they own any boards or templates, a dialog box pops up saying that they own boards and that ownership will transfer to the Team Admin.  There’s an option to let that transfer happen, and another to delete that user’s content.  It would be great if there was a way to view a list of those boards/templates before I have to choose!  I don’t think it’s practical to have the list in the dialog box itself, but perhaps a link to a second window where the list could populate?

My use case is that I’m a post-secondary educator whose students (users) change every semester.  When I’m deleting team members to clear space on my team for the next term, I get a lot of these messages.  I suspect that most of them are their “My First Board”s that they didn’t delete like I asked them to, but it’s difficult to verify that quickly.  I don’t need extra random boards in my account, but I also don’t want to delete something useful that a student produced.

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