View (and manage) list of boards to which a user has access

  • 18 August 2021
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Now that we have the ability to add non-team users, it is possible to build up quite the list of “Active Users” in an account.  It was also possible previously with view/comment permissions and tidying up those permissions could become important.  However, currently there are only two ways to manage the access a user has to boards in Miro:

  1. Somehow locate the boards to which the user has access and change or remove permissions on each board individually.
  2. Delete the user (and therefore access to ALL boards) from Settings > Active Users.

It would be incredibly useful to be able to visit a user page, probably from Settings > Active Users, that would show all boards to which that user has access and the permission level.  It would be especially good to then be able to change or remove permissions on each board, or in bulk (tick the boards you wish to alter), from that page.

One scenario for this could be that I have a user who no longer needs access to most of the boards to which they have permission but I don’t want to completely remove them as they still need access to one or two boards.  Currently I would have to painstakingly remove 90% of their board access on a per-board basis, OR remove them completely and then re-share the boards to which they do still need access.

1 reply

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Looks like something similar to this may have been mentioned previously: