Video Chat Notification

  • 22 April 2020
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I have recently introduced my team to the wonders of Miro, and so far, so good.

A large part of our work involves video conferencing whilst working collaboratively on a project, and the video feature works well for this although we have a couple of suggestions.

When initiating the video call, the video symbol that notifys other users that a video call is happening (at the bottom of the screen) is VERY subtle and more often than not, team members will miss this. We then have to either use large post-it’s on the board saying ‘JOIN VIDEO CALL’ or annoyingly send them a text message.

It would be good to see a pop-up message that clearly notifys people that a call has started which urges them to join. Also, It would be great if a user could be able to ‘nudge’ or ‘invite’ another user to join the call which results in a similar pop-up message.


If this is already a feature, and i need to turn it on then apologies. But otherwise, would be great to see these changes implemented.


1 reply

Hi @Dan O'Shea,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve implemented a board notification when a video chat starts.

Visit our Changelog to learn more :relaxed: