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  • 2 November 2020
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Uploading videos such as .MOV formats would be incredibly useful. Especially when videos are small and don’t require platform uploads such as youtube/vimeo.


Could this be a function in the future? 




10 replies

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also mp4?

@Sara Herrera @Janelle Schneider @Ryan Wagner thank you for the comment. Could you please give us a bit more of details on why it would be useful in your case?

@Nataliya Gorobinskaya yes, this would be great to add mp4 to Miro board. For example, I recorded in video flow of our client inside the app and want to add in on board so my colleagues could play it. In some cases in is easier to show the flow not in screenshots from app but in video.

@Sara Herrera @Janelle Schneider @Ryan Wagner thank you for the comment. Could you please give us a bit more of details on why it would be useful in your case?

If we have media from a location scout then it would be great to have an outline for how things look,
Also 360 images would be great for that purpose.


I want to have students upload short (10-15 second) videos to a miro board so I can discuss with students- the files will be .mov or .mp4- can you suggest an easy way for students to upload these file types? Thanks!

I fully stand behind this idea. Preferably multiple formats are supported of course. The problem we face in my company is that we want to add videos to boards, but the content is under NDA. Therefore we do not want to add this to Youtube or a similar channel. Any other solution is also welcome of course =)


@Nataliya Gorobinskaya another video use case:

We have a company license for Miro and it is great for collaboration.

But since a lot of the work we do revolves around video content, motion graphic design and UI animation, not having the option to drag and drop video examples is frustrating.

This would typically be small, short MP4 renders that show animated design iterations or ideas. Uploading them via youtube or vimeo is not practical. And GIFs are very limited with regards to color and timing.

Since it is company police to not use dropbox, a dropbox-dependent plugin would also not work for us.

I make “how to” instruction videos with screen capture along screen shots. The content can’t be made public, so direct share through Miro would be awesome!

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Hi, I am totally new to Miro. My impression of the app, the company and all resources available through their app/site, including this community, is that it is all very sophisticated/high quality. Really impressive.

So, first I played around a bit with Explain Everything on my iPad recently, but it does not support a browser/webversion yet, so I came to Miro. Now, what is quite surprising with such a sophisticated program like Miro, is that I was unable to replicate what I had made in Explain Everything.
And what I had made in that app as a total newbie was a canvas with simply some shapes, some  explanatory text and… an embedded movie directly imported from my iPad. Done in a few minutes. Now… surprisingly I could not replicate such a simple canvas in Miro, because I just was unable to import any video from my iPad or PC into Miro! 

I am really surprised by this. One would expect this to be core functionality? I can't use Miro for my goals then, unfortunately. Imagine you produce a show / theatre piece and you need a tool to mind map the entire show and you want to add snippets of audio and video into your time map to create a master plan for it all. Or you need to produce a trailer for a movie which has different scenes in it with audio and video and you want to mind map that.

It is -apparently- simply not possible in Miro to directly import those valuable assets of content from your iPad? It's quite remarkable. All my content is readily available on my iPad (or Dropbox) as .m4a and .mp4 files. But I can't use it for my mind maps if I want to use Miro.

Hopefully this comes soon, cause so much else about Miro seems so flexible really.

Thank you for considering!

Hey, I would also need this feature. The thing is that in interaction design we take screenshots of interactions we find inspiring. But these moving interactions cannot be uploaded in a Miro board…. quite frustrating… 
So I would also be very happy to have this feature :)