Updatable Templates

  • 22 June 2021
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It would be a huge benefit if you could create templates that will be updated over all boards if you update the original template.

This would give you the possibility to insert objects with information that will be updated regularly without having to find and edit multiple boards where the object is used.

To achieve that you could have a new template type or the option “auto update” at the template. If you insert this template in any board obviously you are not able to change it from that board. You always have to open the original template to change it. It basically behaves like an “iframe” on websites and is just a representation of the original template. You would be able to move or scale it, but not to change the objects within it without editing the original template. You could insert the template multiple times in the same board and all occurrences would be updated if you update the original template.

Some use cases:

  • Wireframes: When creating wireframes for websites or mobile apps, you can create the most important elements as a template. You can edit the template and it will be updated in all places where it is used.
  • Presentations: You can create a template for company presentations that all your team members can use. When you update the logo or colors all presentations would be updated automatically.
  • Statistics: You can insert statistics like sales figures in multiple boards and can update them from a single template
  • Status Updates: You can create a template for a project status (a red, yellow or green button). If you update the project status you can see the current status in all boards that reference the project status template.
  • Teams: You can have templates with the members of different departments and add them in projects to show the responsible persons. The team template can be updates and you would always have the current contact persons



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