UML Diagrams Support

  • 12 January 2021
  • 4 replies

UML being the standard modeling language in the field of software engineering I find it very weird that there’s only a Class Diagram template available (very limited one!) and no Use Case/Sequence/Use Case etc.

Please add support for UML!


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4 replies

Yes! Use case modelling, actors, etc would be very helpful. 


UML boxes and lines are straightforward and can, for the most part, be drawn with basic miro frames. However, there are UML shapes that are important yet different from any basic shapes, namely: 

  • the symbol for a UML package (box with a tab on the top left)
  • the frames used in sequence diagrams
  • final state in a state diagram (solid circle surrounded by a concentric ring)

UML is a massive topic.


There is no, major need to support the whole UML standard.

Trying to do so would probably be impossible.


However most people only use a small subset of UML.

The book ‘UML Distilled’ by Martin Fowler offers a nice subset of UML. So, MIro team may not need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to picking what the most important aspects of UML to support.


For me:

I don’t care about most UML

I would love Miro to support generalisation of class diagrams.

I don’t even care about most icons in UML class diagrams.


The _only_ thing that  i would really love and need is


an inheritance relationships.


I.e an arrow with an empty triangle on one end. The arrow can go from an Abstract class and can connect to ‘a join’ which can, then, connect to the subclasses. 







Many people, including me, use sequence diagrams a lot as a part of documentation.