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  • 11 April 2021
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I'd like to use Miro on my smartphone, but the Android app has very limited access to widgets, and using a browser gives a mobile version that only lets me comment.

So I tried forcing the desktop version to load, and it seems to work just fine! However, the UI becomes microscopic… At first I thought it was due to the small text size and UI scaling I've set on my phone, but changing that has no effect on Miro. The board itself is fine of course, although rendering performance is limited as expected (especially curvy lines), so far everything looks correct which is what really matters.

I would like to ask to be able to enlarge the UI, including all the buttons and menus along the edge of the screen, and the popup menus like for the selected element and when double tapping to quick add (using the touch screen nav mode). I've not explored extensively yet, so I don't know how the side panels look, but if you do pick this up I will be more than happy to give more details.


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