Two finger tap undo

  • 10 July 2020
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Many iPad apps use two finger tap to undo and three finger tap to redo. It is very natural when using the Apple Pencil, would love to see this implemented on your iPad app 🙏

4 replies

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Totally agree, bought an ipad two weeks ago. Using intensively Procreate and already lacking two finger tap in Miro or other apps. 


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There’s also the three figure iPadOS native gesture. Three fingers swipe left/right to undo, redo. Three fingers tap to bring up a menu on top of the screen to choose from: undo/redo/cut/copy/paste. 

The two finger tap I’m using in the Concepts app, too. So - supporting either way. 

Affinity Designer and Procreate are my favorite apps. Miro should also be on that List. It‘s only the missing Two Finger Tap Undo preventing my unconditional love :wink:

Highly expecting the two finger tap to undo feature on Miro. 

Would be great if Miro can have this!