Transparency to Images

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Allow transparency to other objects not just shapes

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Right.  I’d like to “theme out” my frames so I’ve got the Tiki area, the Cork area, … basically create separate virtual spaces in a large shared team space.  As is, without opacity, the background is too “strong” and overloads the stickies and frames.


Just ran into this, not exactly intuitive to make transparent in another app then carry over!

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If the Image Source is from the Internet you can try setting Tools > Images > Transparent


Brandon, that’s a helpful tip, but I don’t think that’s what the other users are asking about. I came here myself looking for a feature to reduce the opacity of an image in Miro, such that elements behind the image will be partially visible.

I second this. Adjusting opacity of any object / image should be by default.


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I have created a board for boosting up graphical content - please insert your ideas here if you like:



@mlanders hmm.. a bit chaotic miro page? It would help if it was more structured / clean. 
That said, let´s start simple by asking for opacity function. When that is in place we can ask for more.


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@Steven Stieng :

Feel free to add content or to replace content, so it makes more structured sense to you … as I placed a shape into the board:



So add your graphic how it should look like when you add transparency to your picture or edit other thigs in the board.

Therefore I allowed editing for everyone!

Just do so!