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Tags on stickies are great, but I don’t like the formatting restrictions of stickies. Can we have tags on all shapes (same goes for emoji voting)

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seriously - the behavior of stickies is odd regarding font sizing so I almost always use shapes instead of a sticky but would love to have the tagging feature.


I agree the post-its are a bit weird - font sizing and lack of formatting options. I almost always use the box shape or text object instead. It would be super useful to have tagging on these objects as well. If I had to choose between the two for tagging, my vote would go to the box shape.

In the box shape, my work around is to add a new line of text for the ‘tag’, type the tag, and then highlight the tag text with a contrasting colour. This works but be good to use proper tagging.

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Besides tags on shapes, how about tags on embedded objects? I use Miro to teach online and  I embed activities from different platforms. (I did try commenting these objects, but it is too cumbersome.) I currently use tags with the Kanban cards to plan my classes. I color code language skills and levels of difficulty and activity platforms. I would like to apply those tags to the embedded objects.

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Tags on stickies are great, but I don’t like the formatting restrictions of stickies. Can we have tags on all shapes (same goes for emoji voting)


I just ran accross a situation where it would be nice to tag shapes or text boxes too. I think this is a good idea.

Agree with the above requests. Please add the ability to tag all shapes and embedded objects.


Very much agree, sticky noters are not practical at all, we are also using shapes instead but missing the tagging option

Just here to nudge developers to make tags possible for all shapes. Would love that feature for all of the reasons above


Tagging should also include ARROWS … and along with these tags should be the ability to filter one or multiple tags to show or not show elements within the board. 



I second the above. If you think tags from a stick-a-little-colored-dot-on-a-note perspective, it might be appropriate. But if you think of a tag as an (any) object attribute, it helps to visually filter diagrams, make them clearly arranged, even interactive (precondition: multiple filtering).
In this use-case, it would even be nice if tags could optionally be hidden.

Looking forward to use this power-boosted feature...


here the same.

tags for all shapes! Please.

THX a lot.

+1 on tags for shapes!

Because of the formatting limitations of sticky notes, I find myself using them for brainstorming and quick engagement tasks, but once things are “figured out”, I’ll re-create the sticky's into shapes to have more options (and, if I’m being honest, just to make the board look better and less arts-and-crafts-y). And as stated above, being able to migrate some of the functionality of sticky notes like tags over to shapes in this regard would be great. 

On that note, I may be in the minority, but a “convert sticky note to shape” option in the function bar would save me some time on the above task

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I totally agree, the generic features like Tag, Link To etc should be available on all objects in Miro.

Tags on shapes with the ability to sort/identify items by tag by color or by highlighting them would be fantastic.

Yes!!! This is a critical feature. I love the various formatting possibilities with Shapes, especially with rich text, but we need tags on Shapes for categorizing!!

This would be really useful - it would really help with the clusteriser plug in, which only works on tagged objects!

Yes please. Tag on all objects would be best.
Tags on shapes would be a great initial feature if all objects is too much at once.

+1 on tags for all shapes. I just ran into the limitation of limited colours for stickies so switched to using shapes instead, but now I can’t tag! So either more colours for stickies, or tags on shapes… please!