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  • 23 June 2021
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There are some advanced flow charts we use ( for as Miro isn’t fantastic for complex flow charts.


it would be great if we could import these files and we can move elements around. (I realize we can export a png from and import that into Miro, but it would be nice to interact with the specific objects in the flow chart.)



3 replies

Agree - as a recent Miro user, I have a heap of diagrams build out in that currently I’d have to rebuild from scratch. As Chris mentioned, is superior for complex diagram building and being able to then move them to Miro for collaboration and sharing would be so valuable! 

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I have the same request.

Miro is awesome for many types of diagrams and has superior collaboration capabilities. However, I am using for sequence diagrams, which Miro cannot do (yet!). It would be great if I could embed a page (which is backed to my One Drive), and have Miro show the page in a frame on a board.

Until then it’s editing in and pasting the image in a frame on Miro. I put a link to the page in a comment on the frame, which makes it somewhat easier to remember the location of my drawing sources.

Of course, Miro-native sequence diagrams would be preferred!

I fully support this request, I’d love to see the diagrams from Drawio in Miro environment as embeded elements I can manipulate.