Summarise board invitations in a single notification email, rather than spamming users with an email per board

  • 23 August 2021
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We run events for external users and, as part of that, provide access to a number of Miro boards. For longer events, this could be 50+ boards because we break groups into smaller teams (with a board copy per team).

Currently, we grant access to these boards at board level (rather than project or team level) because doing so at project or team level allows anyone with access to see a list of names and email addresses of other users, potentially breaking GDPR rules (

However, when shared at board level, Miro sends a notification email for every single board shared and we regularly receive complaints from our users that they have been “spammed by Miro”.  This is not good for our reputation, or Miro’s reputation.

Some users are also confused into believing that they need to “accept” every invitation, which is not the case.


In an ideal world, Miro would delay sending a board share notification for (say) ten minutes.  If another board is shared in that time, by the same user, that would get added to the notification email and the ten minute timer would reset.  This would continue until ten minutes has elapsed without another board being shared, at which point an email would be sent saying something like “Mark shared “EX01 - One Question” and 32 other boards with you”.


Perhaps there is an interim step where either:
 - The person sharing is able to choose to not send invite emails; or

 - Miro just doesn’t send any additional invite emails within 10 minutes of having sent a previous one.


We really need a quick fix for this as it is causing regular complaints.



More information in this non-wishlist thread:

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