STOP people from following you after you brought them to you

  • 25 February 2021
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I often will bring all my workshop attendees to me on the miro board to get them set for the next exercise. I love this. HOWEVER, unless they move their cursor on their own (which several inevitably don’t do), they are left following me. And I can’t stop them from following me. Even if I close miro and re-open it.


Please make it so we can have people STOP following us after we have brought them to us. THANK YOU!

4 replies

Yes! I need exactly the same

+1! Agree

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@Sara Skvirsky / @LindaH Sweden / @Simon Kulkov  - This idea appears to be the same as an existing idea that has a significant number of votes. If you haven’t voted for this other idea already, I suggest that you upvote it as well:

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really needed!