Sticky Notes with the Card superpowers (description, assignee, etc.)

  • 28 March 2020
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I much prefer the Sticky Notes for their colorfulness and legibility. But I really like the features of the Cards: adding a description, assignee, etc.. Any chance the Miro team could do their wizardry on the Sticky Notes and give them description, assignee, etc..

8 replies

I am also in need of the features that the card brings, but would like to have many different looks on them!!

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Hi Rico,

yes - this sounds perfect to mee, too.
I agree with you and vote for this.

I wanted the stickies to be more adjustable in general:


Me, too! The cards carrying their own data is amazing, but they are not usable to me in their current, inflexible format. I want to change the aspect ratio of them as well as color!

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We often have sticky notes in a different color for each Miro session participant. This makes it easier to track who said what later on during discussion of the sticky notes. It would certainly be much nicer if it was easier to track who created the card (similar to how works)

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Badge +2 looks like this is a common feeling… Everyone loves the card features but prefer the stickies visual. Totally agree with you all. This is something I've also reported to the Miro team as an email feedback, Let's see what they can come up with

I’m new to Miro and we’re setting we’re working with adult students in a Masters level University course.  We need to see who has added what, and sticky’s because they are simpler than cards, seem the best option.  It's too difficult to ask our adult students to tag because they have day jobs and spending hours learning the ins and outs of Miro is not an option.  

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Got to agree with everyone here.

I want to have sticky nice UX of colour and sizing, but want to be able to track notes related to it. Having to use cards just sucks as you loose all that nice behaviour

Hi am new to miro app- i have downloaded it on my iphone and cant see the voting button- can anyone help