Specify the exact dimensions for a shape

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Is there a way to specify the exact dimensions for a shape? Say I want to make a 6x2 rectangle, is there a way to do that by entering in the exact numbers versus just eyeballing it?


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I would like this feature. I’m considering using Miro for a near-term product roadmap and being able to set an exact size of a shape (to correspond to estimated development effort vs. team capacity) would be helpful.

This is a key feature for me. It would be great to be able to use Miro for simple planning of rooms etc. but you must be able to specify the dimensions of objects for it to be useful.

I’m kind of OCD when it comes to shape size. This would really help stop me from spending too much time making them pixel perfect. 

Its a critical feature so we can create objects to scale and relationships between thems.
Being able to define for example amount of pixels each side of a shape will have

@Josh Futrell

Hear! Hear!

I was thinking the same thing… use the Jira interface, then scale the User Stories cards to a size related to Story Points.


A first step to specifying the size would be to observe the size.  Feedback before feedforward beats no control.

Please add this. Please.


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Go go go ! It’s very interesting for wireframing and having good proportion.

Please, just make this feature! It's really useful and important for drawing wireframes.

Being able to manually re-size multiple shapes, to the same size, at the same time would be very useful for us OCD types.