Space Mouse Support

  • 27 January 2021
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It would be great if we could get support for people who use CAD/Spacemice (mouses?). As a Design Engineer I use it all the time in CAD and for drawings and its become almost an extension of my hand. You can zoom, pan and even rotate (not really applicable to a 2D surface like in Miro) all within one motion/movement. I think it would be a great way to easily move around a miro board without accidentally clicking the wrong mouse button and moving something.

One example of this is the 3D connexion (, this is the brand that I have and is one of the biggest players. Many different companies/software already fully support it so shouldn't be too difficult ( Thanks!

5 replies

I agree! It seems weird it doesn’t work with a space mouse...

This would be fantastic!


I’m not sure, but have you tried using the Miro app? Rather than the web version. There may be issues with compatibility because it’s essentially a browser. 

Zooming in and out works in the app by tilting the spacemouse forward or backward, but it is centered around where the mouse is. So there is functionality, but quite limited.

The way these mice normally work - and how I suggest it would be implemented - is that you manipulate the object (in this case the miro board) as if you were holding it in your hand. Zooming in/out by pulling/pushing and moving it up/down/sideways by doing the same with the spacemouse.

Agree that full support for 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse would be a game changing usability improvement for Miro. Many Miro users probably already have 3D mice if they are also doing CAD or any sort of 3D graphics work. Manipulation of 2D graphics viewports is an equally good use case for “3D” mice. Many 2D CAD environments already have support, both in MCAD and ECAD tools. Sadly, 2D graphics oriented tools are behind the curve, but would benefit just as much.