Sort options on Teams page

  • 11 March 2021
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It would be nice to be able to sort the teams, like in an alphabetical way, or amount of boards, users.

Now the sort order on page [] is unclear and it appears to be “jazzy”.
When you have a great amount of teams, being able to sort the data would sure come in handy.

The [Active users] page ( has an option to sort the users so I wonder why the Teams page does not have this option (yet?).

Thank you for picking this up.

1 reply


Totally agree!

In adjusting the security settings to share and edit via public link in each Team/Account, I saw odd behavior: Nearly every time I enter a Team's page to adjust the setting it changes the order of the Teams on the Company Teams page - seemingly without rhyme or reason.

Super annoying when I need to update all the teams individually and I can't keep track of which ones I've touched so far. A filter/sort function for this page would be super helpful, or just keep it static in alphabetical order.