Share with Edit rights across Enterprise

  • 4 March 2021
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I am missing the possibility to share boards across teams within an Enterprise with edit rights. You can only share with view rights or comment rights. I don’t understand this limitation. 

As of now you either need to be in the same team to Edit a board or you can share with edit rights as a public link. The former is too restrictive and the latter too open (as anonymous users aren’t allowed in my company as per our corporate security policy).

This limits our use of Miro a great deal. It is like only being able to have a workshop with someone in your department.


2 replies

+1, I face the same issue, giving up in many times collaborating with diverse group just because of this limitation. Sharing across enterprise has been a mess.

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Yeah it is really limiting for cross team collaboration. Could I get you to vote on the issue, so it will be more visible for others?
Br Lasse