Separate the pen and eraser tools on the toolbar

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I love using Miro but I find when teaching I am often writing or drawing and then erasing to let the student show their work. Having to select the pen then the eraser (and back again) is time consuming. It would be great if there were separate toolbar icons for the pen and the eraser functions.

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You can use shortkeys P for pen and E for Eraser if you want.

I agree with JCP123: eraser should be available with only one click. Shortkeys are good, but imagine the number of shortkeys we have to remember for all the softwares we use… GUI has been invented to free our memory of “commands” ;-)

It’s a real pain to switch between the eraser and pen especially on a smaller tablet in portrait mode. The auxiliary toolbar takes precious real estate. It’s a big issue even on iPad Pro 11. And I can’t use shortcuts on a tablet without an actual keyboard.

So I end up doing 6 clicks for any erasing task: 

  1. Activate the auxiliary toolbar with the eraser;
  1. click on eraser;
  2. Close the auxiliary bar since it often blocks what I need to erase
  3. Actually erase something;
  4. Activate the the auxiliary toolbar again;
  5. Select pen;
  6. Close the auxiliary toolbar;

I like Miro but this is a real issue for me and my students. We might have to move to Awwapp for now :(

On the positive side, I was pleasantly surprised how well Miro communicated with Huion graphics tablets (apart from some delay). I was able to map all the hardware buttons to Miro toolbar, even the two buttons on the Huion stylus worked! 
Incidentally, what is the shortcut for hiding the auxiliary toolbar (with the eraser)?