Searching Large Story Maps - Enhancement

  • 18 October 2021
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We are attempting to work with large story maps, journey maps and service blueprints as a way to document details about our customer journey, features and capabilities. However, we are really finding the search challenging to use.

For example, we might have many pain points along a journey that could be solved by implementing an integrated dialing system - we can tag all of those pain points with the capability “CTI”. Then I want to go to search and search for all stickies that have the tag “CTI” so we can easily visualize where in the journey the impact will happen. As well as, go step by step through each one to discuss use cases and scenario.

The challenge, you can see in the screenshot. When I am focused in the search bar all of the stickies with the “CTI” tag are nicely highlighted. However, when I go to click on the first one and walk through them I lose the highlighting as soon as I click out of the search bar.

I would love if the searching and filtering would persist so that I can easily navigate the board with the stickies and I am focused on constantly highlighted.

Search nicely highlights all relevant content. But quickly lose this highlighting when trying to navigate board.


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