• 16 September 2021
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I am so used to working and using the save button. I find it very disconcerting that Miro does not have a save button. We are all programmed to hit save. Miro should have a save button

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@Gary Moran - In order for Miro function as a real-time, collaborative tool, i.e., every single action that you take immediately shows up for all other board participants, Miro must save and push out every single change, otherwise no one would see anyone’s changes until they hit save.

Although, if you are just looking for a save button for the sake of having a save button to click, you could use the Miro Developer Platform’s SDK to add a save icon to the bottomBar and use the showNotification method to display a “Saved” message when clicked :wink:

Here it is in action - please excuse the crude looking Save icon - I grabbed one off of the Internet.

You could explore doing this yourself if you have a development background by following the Web-Plugins documentation here →

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This looks perfect Robert Johnson. Sorry but not sure how to get the save icon onto the bottom bar

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@Gary Moran - If you are unfamiliar with creating web-plugins using an SDK (Software Development Kit), you would need to reach out to someone with a software development background to assis you.